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A Volunteer Experience: Sephora’s Journey

A Volunteer Experience: Sephora’s Journey

A Year of Growth and Giving: My Service Civique Experience at Anjali House in Cambodia As I reflect on the past ... Read more

Shaping Futures: an Inspiring Story

Marketplace Ambition and Family Resilience Nestled in the lively atmosphere near the Old Market and Angkor Trade ... Read more

Samnang’s Journey: From Anjali House to Dream of Entrepreneurship

Seeking Opportunity in Siem Reap At 25 years old, Samnang stands as a testament to the possibilities nurtured by ... Read more

Vee’s Path to Empowerment: Anjali House and Dreams of Innovation

Discover the incredible journey of Vee, a once-shy teenager from Siem Reap, Cambodia, whose life took a remarkable turn within the nurturing walls of Anjali House. At 14, Vee's world changed when he joined Anjali House through the Access Program, a gateway to critical English, computer, and soft skills supported by the US Embassy. Before his Anjali House days, Vee was a reserved individual, but under the guidance of mentors like Pheakdey and Poleang, he blossomed into a confident young man, fueled by a newfound passion for technology. His insatiable curiosity for how things worked found a home within the program, nurturing his aspirations to become an IT Read more

The Crucial Role of Creativity in Education: Our Dedication

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, fostering problem-solving skills and nurturing creativity has become more ... Read more

An Internship Experience at Anjali House – Jade

Meet Jade! Hello! My name is Jade and I am from a beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean called Guadeloupe. ... Read more

Menstrual Health in Cambodia – The Green Flow Project

The Green Flow Project In July 2023, Anjali House opened their doors to a unique and innovative project: ... Read more

A Family Move – Providing a Better Future for Her Daughters

Move from Kampong Chhnang Imagine moving to a new city, alone, with three young children. In 2012, this is what ... Read more