Young Explorers

We believe that every child’s journey toward a better future begins with access to education. All of our children and young adults are registered at local Khmer public schools. We provide each student with mandatory uniforms and school supplies and cover each student’s required school donation. We work closely with their schools to ensure students are attending and succeeding in their classes in addition to supplementary programs at Anjali. We also collaborate with government-run Pre-K and Kindergarten schools to strengthen their programs and bring more of their students to Anjali when they’re older.

Our supplementary programs prepare children to continue education after high school and focus on skills that will allow them to access the best opportunities. We provide high quality English classes at Anjali for our students aged 13 and below, taught by Khmer coaches assisted by English-speaking volunteers. Our coaches also lead classes in computer skills.

Beyond supporting our children with their state board education, we emphasize field trips, smart partnerships, and creative workshops to ensure holistic development of the children. We firmly believe in the value of providing children with the opportunity to access various forms of expression, explore their interests, and develop their unique talents.

Whether through visual art, sports, gardening, creative writing, dance, or music, we aim to foster each and every child’s creativity. This creativity is an important tool to encourage social interaction and educational development. We work closely with other partners and NGOs like Writing Through and Angkor Photo Festival, in addition to volunteers with specific expertise, to provide these year round workshops. Every child is involved in the Anjali Community Garden, where we grow local fruits and vegetables and students can learn about sustainable practices.

We also run health education workshops for all of our children, teaching them about the benefits of personal hygiene and providing them with hygiene supplies. Our health program includes a budget to cover children’s emergency medical costs.

What we do

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