Young Explorers

Children only attend public school for half the day in Cambodia. As a result, they miss valuable opportunities for growth and development. 

Anjali House provides supplementary classes for the rest of the day to ensure these young minds receive a well-rounded education. The Young Explorers Program at Anjali House focuses on students 12 years old and younger who are also enrolled in local public schools.

The goal of the Young Explorers Program is to help children build a strong foundation for their future. English and computer classes enable students to acquire essential skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

But our mission goes beyond academics. Students delve into the world of sustainable practices during engaging gardening classes. They learn to care for plants while gaining an understanding of the environment. The children explore topics like plastic reduction and composting. These workshops develop skills like teamwork, goal setting, and perseverance.

We also know that creative workshops help develop creative minds and self-esteem. Via workshops in arts, crafts, music, and drama, our children unleash their creativity while enhancing their communication and collaboration skills. 

Anjali House is committed to fostering growth, personal development, and expression. You can impact the lives of Cambodian youth today.

What we do

English class

Computer class

School supplies

Garden class

Creative workshop

Health workshop