We had the chance to catch up with Borey during his quick visit back to Siem Reap. Borey recently completed his first year in university and came back to Siem Reap to visit his family and provide a workshop to the younger Anjali House students. 

Borey’s father is a tuktuk driver and his mother is a housewife. He mentions his family situation has been difficult, especially after COVID with the decrease in tourism. He has one younger brother in 7th grade who currently studies at Anjali House. 


Planting Seeds of a Brighter Future: Borey’s Journey from Anjali House to University


Borey’s story from Anjali House student to university scholar started in 2017. He joined Anjali House to learn English, computer, and soft skills with the Access Program. As he looks back, he loves to remember the group activities and experiences at Anjali House, such as the Halloween and Christmas party. 

Initially, he dreamed of being a web-developer, but after researching different fields of study, he saw that there was a great opportunity to not only provide a good living for himself, but also help his country develop.

He has now completed his first year of studying civil engineering in Phnom Penh. Borey is focusing on road development. He chose this major stems from the pivotal role roads play in the development of his nation. Recognizing that roads in Cambodia are not as smooth as other countries, Borey sees the road network as a key to transformation in Cambodia. Not only do they facilitate smoother travel experiences for tourists, but also streamline transportation of goods, bolstering the economic condition of the country. 


The Crucial Role of Education in Cambodia


It was important to have a strong foundation in English language as the majority of his classes are conducted in English. With Anjali House, he was able to attend daily English class and strengthen his computer skills. 

Now Borey sets his sights on even bigger dreams.  He envisions himself pursuing his masters and Ph.D, and is especially interested in studying abroad in countries like South Korea. Regardless, he remains determined to help his homeland with dreams of working with the government of Cambodia and become a professor at his current alma mater.




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