Finding Hope and Opportunity

In the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia, Vee’s journey continues to unfold. Many that know him today find it hard to believe that at one point he was considered a shy boy. At 14, Vee joined Anjali House in 2017, discovered through his sister’s connection. 

Vee was one of the students who joined Anjali House via the Access Program, backed by the US Embassy, where the aim was to provide the youth with critical English, computer, and soft skills to build a better future for themselves.

Vee with his mother

Nurturing Confidence and Ambition

Before Anjali House, Vee was a quiet teenager. However, under the mentorship of teachers like Pheakdey and Poleang, he bloomed into a confident young man, fostering friendships and embracing newfound self-assurance.

Vee always had a strong interest in “figuring out how things worked.” He vividly recalls dismantling his father’s phone in his early years.. However, access to resources for his interests, particularly in English and computer education, was scarce within his locale. Even within the city center, most public schools can only offer one hour of computer a week in the eleventh grade. Even still, the skills are focused primarily on typing. 


It was his passion for technology that truly blossomed within the walls of Anjali House. Engrossed in mobile games and PCs, Vee found his calling—an aspiration to become an IT professional. Anjali House not only fueled Vee’s passion but equipped him with life skills, broadening horizons, and nurturing ambitions.

Passion for Technology and Future Aspirations

Now in his second year at university, Vee’s determination remains unwavering. He generously gives back by teaching computer classes at Anjali House every Sunday. 

His visionary goal is to create an educational application for Cambodian children, driven by his desire to democratize access to quality education for those in need.

Vee with his students in Anjali


Anjali House’s Impact and Call for Assistance

To the generous supporters of Anjali House, Vee expresses heartfelt gratitude. He emphasizes that their contributions transcend mere donations—they serve as investments in the dreams and aspirations of young minds like his. Their backing empowers Anjali House to continue offering transformative opportunities, shaping futures, and enabling determined individuals to thrive.

Vee’s journey is a testament to the profound impact of Anjali House—a sanctuary that empowers young individuals, ignites their ambitions, and equips them with the tools to craft their destinies.



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