Future Leaders

The Future Leaders program strives to give young adults ages 14 and older the skills they need to become successful, independent adults. To prepare these young leaders to continue education after high school or find gainful employment, we provide IT/computer classes, offer English classes through our partner NGO Sunrise, and organize multidisciplinary workshops.

We run specific workshops for these students on soft skills like critical thinking, goal setting, and personal growth. After age 15, we connect our students to opportunities or partners where they can explore skills like computer repair, haircutting, or cooking, and take students to visit businesses, schools, hotels, etc.

These programs ensure that our young leaders make informed decisions about their futures. We work closely with each student to determine which professions and programs of study are a good fit for them. We provide scholarships to our oldest high school students for extra tutoring in Physics, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Khmer, which is critical to adequately prepare for and pass the national exams at the end of high school.

Finally, we provide counseling, scholarships, application support and other resources to our oldest students to access higher education or vocational training after high school. Our students have finished degrees in a range of disciplines including business administration, nursing, English, and accounting.

We continue to help our scholarship students with computer and English skills, and support them in finding part time work or internships that suit their skills and interests. Scholarship students gain critical leadership skills through volunteer work at Anjali or elsewhere in the community. Because we stay in close contact, our scholarship students have a high graduation rate.

We also started a savings program for our scholarship students: all scholarship students save a small amount of money with us each year, and get the full sum back upon completion of their degree. They can then use this money to begin their post-graduate life, whether buying property or opening a small business.

With more support in the next few years, we hope to greatly expand our scholarship fund. We will aim to provide scholarships not only to high school graduates from Anjali, but to any qualified and motivated student in our community. Our goal is to support 30+ students every year to continue their education after high school.