Seeking Opportunity in Siem Reap

At 25 years old, Samnang stands as a testament to the possibilities nurtured by this institution.

Born into a family of ten siblings, he faced limited educational opportunities as local schooling in Kampung Cham concluded at grade 9. Seeking further education, he made a significant move to Siem Reap for his secondary-school studies, living with his elder brother to pursue his dreams of higher education.

Samnang at Anjali House

Cherished Memories at Anjali 

Samnang joined Anjali House through the Access Program. He gained additional English skills, as well as a strong emphasis on crucial soft skills like goal setting and communication.

In his free time,Samnang is often engaged in reading, research, and music. His favorite topic is leadership and history.

He recalls fondly the camaraderie experienced during the memorable camping trip to Kampong Thom while at Anjali House. During this time, he connected with Khmer youths from other provinces and they were able to share together. He remains in contact with some of Anjali House friends to this day.

Pursuits and Aspirations

Samnang is a dedicated professional, working tirelessly every day. After completing his degree, he began to work as a loan officer in a bank. He continued to improve his skills by attending technology school at night. Now, he works at the bank from 8 to 5pm, and spends his evening teaching in Wat Bo Technology School, which he is also a partner of.

Samnang is very dedicated to continued learning. He aims to begin a masters degree in law while he delves into entrepreneurship. Coming from an agricultural background, he has an ambition to invest in farming and develop and sell agricultural products such as cashew cream. He has already instigated this with some family members.

Envisioning the future, Samnang would love Anjali House to broaden its reach to serve more underprivileged children. His vision includes an enriched educational environment offering diverse hard skills classes such as engineering, construction, and STEM subjects, fostering an atmosphere where children choose their learning paths.

To this day, Samnang conveys gratitude to Anjali House and its supporters, acknowledging their significant role in transforming the lives of underprivileged children in Cambodia. He emphasizes the impact of Anjali House as a sanctuary for those deprived of quality education, expressing heartfelt thanks to the donors.


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