Active Communities

Khmer public school students attend school for only half of the day. Consequently, this often poses difficulties for working parents, who are forced to choose between earning an income to support their families or being at home for half of the day to watch their children. By providing a safe and nurturing environment for these students when they are not in school, Anjali enables parents to work, fostering active communities that can raise themselves, and their families out of poverty.

Our connection to our families and local Khmer schools is crucial to our work. Our social worker supports our parents by facilitating workshops and home visits that focus on parenting skills, mental health, health care, domestic violence, family budgeting and job search assistance.

Additionally, we’re not only involved with our families, but the wider community. Our social worker meets semi-annually with the commune chief, and we collaborate closely with schools and partner NGOs in the area. Moreover, we also host evening community English classes for 60 students ages 6-12 who are not part of Anjali’s programs.

We want our whole community to benefit from Anjali’s educational resources., We’re expanding our current library space to add more books, computers, resources and reading space. The new space will be open to the wider community, fostering literacy and a love of reading among our children and our community. 

Finally, our children participate in community service, teaming up with other organizations for activities like keeping their community clean or planting trees. Our older students also perform community service by teaching young children subjects like Khmer and math at Anjali during summer vacation.