Supporting underprivileged children through Education, Health Care and the Arts

Who We Are?

Anjali House is an educational center that provides children and young adults with the support they need to break the poverty cycle. Anjali House provides support to 120 underprivileged students from Siem Reap ages 5-20 through education, family support and basic care including access to drinking water and nutritious food. We firmly believe in the value of providing children with the opportunity to access various forms of expression. Whether through art, sport, creative writing, dance or music, we aim to foster each and every child’s creativity. This creativity is an important tool to encourage social interaction and educational development.

What makes Anjali House unique?

Anjali House is a locally run organization. The NGO has been implementing educational activities for the past 10 years. Its Director is Cambodian as well as are all the teachers and the social worker. Anjali House is reliable and transparent, and runs an independent yearly audit of its finances Anjali House’s ultimate goal is to see its students develop into healthy, well-adjusted young adults, equipped with the skills and support they need to enter the workforce and be successful in their future endeavors.

What We Do

We believe that no child should be forced to beg or work. We believe that they have the right to enjoy their childhood – to learn, play, make friends and grow in a safe and happy environment. These are basic rights that no child should be denied.” At Anjali House we provide each child with free healthcare, food, clean drinking water and education.


With access to quality education, our students can have more job opportunities in the future and break out of the poverty circle.

Basic Care

To improve and maintain the physical health of our students. We provide healthcare, hygiene kit as well as access to unlimited drinking water and two nutritious meal per day.

Young Adult Program

To prepare our students for adulthood. We support our students in making decisions about their future lives and career options.

Family Support

To make sure our students live in a safe environment in which they can grow and be happy


Roun left Anjali House in 2014 and is now a Freelance Photographer. He discovered his passion for Photography during annual workshops with Giving Lens at Anjali House. After grade 12, he decided to make a living out of this passion and taught himself how to become a good photographer.

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This is Sokim. She left Anjali House last year, in 2018, after being one of our students for 3 years. Sokim says what she misses the most at Anjali House was the lunch area, as it was her favourite place. She mostly loved it because it’s cooler than everywhere else. It’s a bit windy. But she also loved this place because you can see the beautiful garden from there.

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Han Pheakdey

This is Han Pheakdey He has been one of our students for 5 years from 2013 until 2018.  He left last year to become part the Norton University where he is currently studying Human Resources.  When asked about his favourite place at Anjali House, he mentions the computer lab.

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Sophan Try

Sophan Try was one of our students for 4 years from 2007 until 2011. Her favourite place at Anjali House was the Volleyball Court, as she really enjoys playing sports.  Sophan Try currently works as a Project Assistant at Halo Trust, an international NGO specializing in the removal of landmines and other debris of war.

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