Volunteer With Us

Help us transform the lives of vulnerable children in Siem Reap

Every year, volunteers join us from around the world to help serve the Anjali House community. Volunteers come to Anjali House because they believe in our mission and want to support our NGO’s work. You can read about some of our past volunteers’ experiences in their volunteering testimonial.

If you have time to give and are committed to helping children grow into happy and healthy human beings, join us! We would be glad to welcome you to our team. We also welcome applications for remote volunteering and can offer students the opportunity to gain experience in the humanitarian field by working on a project in line with their academic program, through an internship.

Potential Volunteer Positions

Become Volunteer

Classroom Volunteer

Assist our Khmer teachers during their lessons and conduct your own educational workshops

Become Volunteer

Communication & Fundraising Volunteer

Assist our Communication & Fundraising Manager and help us share the story of Anjali House on our different platforms.

Become Volunteer

Volunteer in the Garden

Get involved in teaching organic gardening to children as well as in conducting creative workshops to decorate our 1,000 square meter garden.

Community development

Support our Social Worker who look after the children and is in contact with the families and the public school.

Database Management

Create a system to help our Social Worker to keep all information about the children and families.

Support the Future Leaders Program

Assist and support our Young Adult Program Coordinator.



If you wish to volunteer at Anjali House, please fill out our application form and send a CV and cover letter to [email protected].

If your profile fits one of our open positions, you will be contacted for an interview. Successful applicants will need to provide:

  • A scanned image of their passport
  • A police check from their country of residence
  • Signed agreement to abide by our strict Child Protection Policy

If you have further questions or enquiries regarding volunteering, please contact us via [email protected] or read our Volunteer handbook.

Important Information

A volunteer experience at Anjali House is a great way to discover a new culture and contribute to creating a positive change. It will be a life-changing experience for both the volunteer and the children. However, we do not support “voluntourism”. Our primary mission is to protect the children we serve. We have a strict Child Protection Policy. Volunteers must be available for a minimum of two months. Volunteers make the most difference when they share their skills, ideas and experiences with our Khmer staff, so that new projects and programs can continue even after a volunteer departs.