Our story

Our story

We are a locally registered non-profit organization in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our charity provides education and support to over 200 children from poor families.

We believe that all families deserve affordable services that meet their needs. We are doing our part to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, by both providing a safe space for children so their parents can work, and preparing every child to access the same educational opportunities as those from higher socioeconomic backgrounds.

We serve the poorest children and families for free. Because of the work of non-profit organizations like Anjali in the past decade, our community in Siem Reap is now more financially stable and better positioned to support their children’s access to quality programs. To ensure financial sustainability and parental commitment,  we ask families who are able to contribute a small percentage of their annual income to keep our programs running. 

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable, transparent charity. Anjali is a locally run NGO – our Executive Director, Program Manager, and coaches are all Cambodian, ensuring that the programs we provide are reliable and tailored for our community.

2005 - 2010: Getting started

We began as a small project of the Angkor Photo Festival and grew to become a one year project that included English classes, Khmer lessons, a dance troupe, and a photography workshop for street children in Siem Reap. Two years later, in 2007, Anjali House was officially founded as a not-for-profit organization with two teachers, one cook, one driver and one social worker providing classes in Khmer, English and photography to twenty students. By 2010, our classes reached 80 students. Photography and art remain essential parts of our program.

2010 - 2015: Expanding Our Program

While establishing our Young Adult Program, we aimed to educate and prepare young adults for future employment and integration into their communities. We also founded a Scholarship Program that allowed our first two students to study Nursing at the International University, Phnom Penh. Finally, we moved to a new location, where we could fully implement these programs alongside our Education and Basic Care Programs.


Young Explorers

Quality education, care, and holistic development for underprivileged children ages 4-13

Future Leaders

University and career preparation, counseling, and scholarships for young adults ages 14+

Active Communities

Community service, family workshops and trainings, and parental support