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Support Our Continuing Education Fund

Every year, a number of our young adult students graduate from high school. For many of our students the next step to secure a brighter future is to attend University or an advanced course of study. We would like to provide our qualified and motivated students with that opportunity. Sponsors will be providing an invaluable service for these students changing their lives for the better. Help us help our students achieve their goals for themselves and their community. In exchange, the students will volunteer their time at Anjali House primarily in our Free Community English Program or on other projects.

To contribute to our Continuing Education Fund, we are requesting a minimum donation of 500 USD per year and a 4 year minimum commitment. Donating 780 USD is the equivalent of one entire scholarship.

Our Students Attend These Programs:

Students may choose a number of different paths to take after finishing high school including attending University straight away, taking English classes for a year before starting University, completing an associates (2 year) degree, or receiving technical/skills training. This fund is reserved to support any continuing education course our students choose.

Here is a list of the most typical courses of study:

Faculty of English Literature and Business Management

This is a 4 year program at a University in Siem Reap. The vast majority of our students will enter this program. All students will volunteer as English teachers at our Community English Program. Anjali House will send regular updates about our scholarship students. The annual cost for this course of study is 780 USD.

Faculty of Health Science (Nurse)

This is a 4 year nursing program in Phnom Penh. The nursing program is incredibly extensive and requires additional costs including housing. In Cambodia, generally female students attend this program. Please let us know if you have a specific interest in supporting nursing students. These students will volunteer with us as nurses whenever they return to Siem Reap. The annual cost for this course of study is 2,600 USD.

Advanced English Classes

Some of our most advanced current students and recent high school graduates attend a Siem Reap institution where they attend more rigorous English classes. This course of study costs 800 USD/ year. Note: When these students are under 18 years old, sponsors will not receive identifying information.

How it works:

After the Anjali House administration and teachers select the scholarship students through our application process, we will create a scholarship class. Sponsors will receive short bios about all the students in that class along with their goals and achievements. After each term, sponsors will receive term reports from the students and a letter from the students discussing their accomplishments.

Note: In line with our giving policy, we do not pair individual sponsors with individual students. Rather, sponsors contribute to a fund that is exclusively reserved to support our scholarship students and the Community English Program.

Enroll and Find Out More:

Please email us at [email protected] to enroll. We will send you a packet introducing you to the scholarship program and providing more in-depth information about how it works and this year’s scholarship students.

Success Stories


Alumni Focus – Chy

  It’s a pleasure to present our  Alumini Portrait to show you how the student has evolved and become a leader in their community. Especially when one of invests so much to give to our young generation advice, help, and learning. Meet Chy, who is currently a university student and continues to work with our current students as a role model and inspiration. Meet Chy My name is Chy and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been studying at Anjali House since I was 7 years old. I’m from Seam Reap province and I come from the poor family. I have four members in my family, and I have one brother. In my free time, I like to listen to research… Read more

Anjali Alumni: Sokuam

  We love to see our students transform and develop the confidence to pursue their dreams. Not only do we want our students to excel academically, but also take on social responsibility to become a driver of change. Sokuam is one Anjali Alumni who really stands out! When it comes to sharing skills and experiences with his younger peers, Sokuam is always willing to help out! Before continuing his journey in Phnom Penh, Sokuam volunteered as a coach for the Future Leader program. He shared his knowledge on project development. He also helped us on fun activity days, such as the Christmas party. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious, bringing so much joy and light to the classroom. Now he… Read more

Art, gardening and playing : Why are these things important for our programs?

Art, gardening and playing : Why are these things important for our programs?

  Playground :  When playing, children discover the concepts of pleasure and sharing. This activity is essential to their fulfillment and allows them to grow with all the necessary confidence.  Playing helps the development of their imagination, to imitate, and to understand the beliefs and intentions of others. It's a fundamental tool for the development of cognitive, emotional, social, and physical plains. Children play spontaneously and try to recreate what they see in real life for a better understanding and integration. Thanks to the game, they are to exceed their limits by being curious and exploring. Play also teaches children to be persistent and to be confident in their own capacities.  Being aware of this importance, we decided to reorganize and… Read more

Anjali Alumni – Kosal

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