During this years Khmer New Year celebration, we invited former Anjali students to join in the celebrations and inspire the younger ones by sharing their stories. The majority of Anjali House students remain with us until the age of 16, so there were many stories during their time at Anjali House and after. 

alumni set the path

We encouraged the alumni to take on the stage and talk about their life experiences– the circumstances they grew up in, how they transformed their lives during their time at Anjali and what they’re doing after Anjali House. It is important for us that our students learn from the experiences of our alumni. 

We are proud that our programs have helped the alumni get a better understanding of how our students feel as they were in the same situation as them a few years ago. The younger ones could also identify with alumni easily and we hope that this interaction will inspire them for their lives ahead.

 Roun left Anjali House in 2014 and is now a Freelance Photographer. He discovered his passion for Photography during annual workshops with Giving Lens at Anjali House. After grade 12, he decided to make a living out of this passion and taught himself how to become a good photographer. 
According to him, everyone is born with a special talent. If you are not good at something, it’s okay because for sure, there is something else for you. He says you should never give up chasing your passion.
Roun still visits us at Anjali House and offers some help. He is currently supporting us by taking pictures and editing videos.

alumni set the path
 Hing Kosal was part of Anjali House for 7 years from 2010 until 2017. 
Like many students, he says his favourite place at Anjali House was the garden. It is a very peaceful and quiet place where students can wonder around being only surrounded by nature. It is also a place where they can develop nurturing skills by taking care of plants. 
During our Khmer New Year, Hing Kosal wanted to tell our students that it’s okay to feel different kinds of emotions. We sometimes can feel overwhelmed by everything that’s happening to us but it’s important to be mindful of those emotions to ensure that they don’t get the best of you.
He is currently studying IT at the University of Puthisastra. 
alumni set the path
 This is Sokim. She left Anjali House last year, in 2018, after being one of our students for 3 years. Sokim says what she misses the most at Anjali House was the lunch area, as it was her favourite place.  She mostly loved it because it’s cooler than everywhere else. It’s a bit windy. But she also loved this place because you can see the beautiful garden from there. 
Sokim is still a student. She is studying English at ACE and she is planning to go to University to continue studying English.
To her, it’s very important that our students keep going no matter what and trust the teachers.

 Vireak has been with us since the beginning of Anjali House and never left.
He was one of our students from 2007 until 2016. After grade 12, he went to University where he is currently studying Business Administration. At the same time, Vireak supports us by working as an Accountant and Admin at Anjali House. 
His advice for our students is to not be afraid of what’s coming next. It’s very easy to be worried and anxious about what will happen after grade 12 but Vireak says there’s no need to be afraid. People learn from their mistakes, so he encourages students to dare to try something new.

alumni set the path
This is Meak Srey. She spent 3 years at Anjali House from 2015 until 2018. 
It was very inspiring to ear her speech as she is now a trained health professional working as a Physiotherapist. She provides treatment for people suffering from any physical problem such as an injury, a disease or even ageing. 
Her advice to our students was to find out more about what they want to study or what they are interested in. She encouraged them to do just like she did and to dedicate some time to meaningfully look for information on the internet and reach for people before making any decision about their future.
alumni set the path
  Sophal Try was one of our students for 4 years from 2007 until 2011.
Her favourite place at Anjali House was the Volleyball Court, as she really enjoys playing sports. 
Sophan Try currently works as a Project Assistant at Halo Trust, an international NGO specializing in the removal of landmines and other debris of war. Though she is engaged in charity work and helps people on a daily basis, she encouraged our students to take control of their own life. She told them that if they fall, they have to learn how to stand up again and not wait for someone else to rescue them. To her, it’s essential to be in charge on your own destiny. 
alumni set the path
 This is Han Pheakdey He has been one of our students for 5 years from 2013 until 2018. 
He left last year to become part the Norton University where he is currently studying Human Resources.  
When asked about his favourite place at Anjali House, he mentions the computer lab. Many students feel very grateful to have access to this classroom as most of them do not have access to this technology at home.
To him, success comes to those who consciously work towards their dreams and don’t give up. Therefore, his advice for our students is “Plan your dream out”.

alumni set the path
 Roat Panha has been part of Anjali House for 8 years from 2008 until 2016. 
He says is favourite place at Anjali House was the computer lab as he really enjoys using computers. Thus, it is no surprise that he is currently studying IT at Build Bright University. 
During his speech on Khmer New Year, Roat Panha taught our students how to achieve a goal according to him. He told them that a goal – big or small – should be broken into a series of small tasks. This helps you achieve your goal step by step without feeling overwhelmed and thus, demotivated. 

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