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At the end of October, Khmer public school reopened for the new school year. At Anjali House, we were busy getting ready for the start of the school year and distributing school supplies like uniforms, shoes, notebooks, and pens. After two months of vacation, it is time for the children to go back to school!

Anjali House is a complement to Khmer public school, meaning that all of our children must be registered in a government school to participate in our programs. In Cambodia, students go to public school for just half a day, so our children spend the other half of the day at our center.

We believe every child has the right to an education. That’s why we cover all costs for students to attend public school, including paying for school uniforms, notebooks and other necessary supplies, and general donations to the school that are required for each student.

Preparing for the New School Year

This year, we provided each of our 204 students with school uniforms, backpacks, shoes, and school supply kits with pens, glue, erasers, rulers, notebooks, and more. That’s over 2000 notebooks in total!

We also provided scholarships to five 12th grade students this year. These scholarships give students access to critical extra tutoring in Physics, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Khmer, which they need to adequately prepare for and pass the national exams at the end of high school.

Commitment to Education and Scholarships

Our commitment to education goes beyond our primary and secondary school students. This year, three students received a scholarship from Anjali House to continue their studies after high school. They are attending university and majoring in subjects like Tourism and Hospitality Management, General Management, and Accounting.

We wish all our students a successful school year!

If education matters to you, you can help our primary and secondary school students by making a monthly donation. Alternatively, consider sponsoring a young adult’s education after high school. Your support makes a significant difference in their educational opportunities.

Back to School

Back to School

Back to School

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