On Valentine’s Day, our young adult students attended a charity event organized by Krousar Thmey Foundation for disadvantaged children including blind and deaf students. Community service is an essential part of the Young Adult program. Read how the young adults decided to “give back” and got inspired by others.  

Every year, Krousar Thmey – a foundation for disadvantaged children and with disabilities – organises a charity event for Valentine’s Day. At this event, many organisations are invited to collect donations and share a day of affection among the students. This year, the Young Adult students of Anjali House took part for the first time. They were able to donate clothes and chocolate and many of them prepared Valentine’s Cards, filled with encouraging and affectionate messages. One thing that was especially striking was the joy the Anjali House’s students had in giving back to others. Mixed with a lot of activities like dancing and different games, the students shared their Valentine’s Day with each other and all left with a big smile. Events like these are crucial, not only for building long-lasting relationships, but also to raise awareness about disabilities. Anjali House students became aware of how disadvantaged children with disabilities overcome challenges in their daily life. This knowledge is yet another important step to help our students develop into healthy, well-adjusted adults, equipped with the skills they need to be successful in their future endeavours. Therefore, we hope to join in again next year for a Valentine’s day full of fun and kindness.

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