<![CDATA[On May 3rd we organized the exhibition “Cambodia reawakening – One year after the Khmer Rouge” with photos taken by John Burgess, former Washington Post journalist. The exhibition gave the Young Adults of Anjali House the opportunity to express their feelings about their country’s past and write down poems, stories and their thoughts. Their work was shown next to the photos in the exhibition. Now we would like to share their amazing work with you.
To prepare the young adults, we first wanted to test their knowledge on what happened during the period of the Khmer Rouge. Together we watched the movie ‘The Killing Fields’ and discussed it in group. We gave each young adult the opportunity to express their thoughts, the stories they’ve heard and what has been taught to them so far.

Sue from Writing Trough giving the workshop.

Sue Guiney, CEO of Writing Through, giving the workshop.


The next day Sue Guiney, an American author, organized a workshop for the young adults. Her NGO Writing Through stimulates creative writing of poetry and short stories to develop conceptual thinking, English fluency and self-esteem. Sue helped the Young Adults putting their emotions and thoughts on paper.

John Burgess’ photographs were a wonderful opportunity for Anjali House’s young adults to link their country’s past to its present and future, link the idea of reconstruction to stability, and hope to ambition. Read more about the exhibition ‘Cambodia Reawakening – One Year after the Khmer Rouge’ by John Burgess.

You can read the Young Adult’s work next to John’s photo and caption in the images below.
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