We want to give our young adults as much information as possible about career orientation. The beginning of their professional life is around the corner. We encourage our students to think about their future, explore possible career options and understand the world of work. This month, they visited Sala Bai, a vocational training center for the hospitality industry,  and Pactics, a local factory. Read their impressions.
This month, Anjali House young adults visited Sala Bai, an NGO training underprivileged youngsters to work in hospitality. During the tour, they visited Sala Bai beauty salons, housekeeping department, restaurants, kitchen and office work. Our young adults also visited “Pactics”, a local factory producing high-quality microfiber products in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We want to make sure the young adults know about as many careers as possible so that they can truly chose who they want to become. By making them visit companies and talk to workers, we hope to give them the motivation they need to study hard enough to follow their dreams.
Sokim, 18:” I really enjoyed the tour and I liked the way the company takes care of its employees. I am glad I can visit such places, I am much less scared about stating working now. I learned a lot of things especially how to motivate the employees, too.”

The Young Adult Program

The Young Adult Program is how we equip our oldest students with skills necessary for life after high school. It includes English classes, lessons on specific topics including IT or life skills, career orientation classes, visits like this one, and much more! If you wish to sponsor our young adult program, please contact [email protected]. You can also help us by volunteering or donating!]]>