Anjali House Explores Technology in Phnom Penh

This month 37 children from Anjali House visited Phnom Penh with Bun thorng, our Head Teacher. The 3 days trip was planned to understand how technology can help solve problems facing the community at large. Community Service is part of our DNA and we are constantly looking for ways to support the village commune through awareness and cleaning drives. “This trip was designed so that we can take our understanding of the community to the next level and find ways to conserve through technology interventions”, informs Bun thorng who tried his best to keep the trip both educational and interesting for the children.

Understanding Technology for Community Impact

During their stay in the capital city, the group visited the Development Innovations (DI) center run by USAID to help civil society organizations, technology companies, social enterprises and young innovators to design and use information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and employ innovative processes to tackle Cambodia’s development challenges. Through various case study presentations and group discussions the children began to understand how new technologies can be used to tackle social and environmental issues in the community. For example, due to lack of access to timely information millions of Cambodians are displaced. The students understood how technology was used to develop Tepmachcha, the Khmer word for mermaid, a low-cost sonar stream gauge, or flood warning tool prototype.

“What I loved about this trip was that there was no pressure to come up with instant solutions. We spent time away from the classroom so we can start thinking of ways to resolve the challenges we face in Cambodia. I hope to someday use my education and these excursions to come up with solutions that better our lives”, says Meas Sokuam after returning to Siem Reap.
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