<![CDATA[Anjali House has upgraded its garden project with the extension of a 1,000 square meter back area. The land that was hidden by over growth has been cleared and our students have already planted vegetables including long beans, winter melon, eggplants and tomatoes.  The objectives: teach gardening to the students and a sustainable food source for the meals we serve them. Read about the expected impact of the garden project 

The garden project is part of our education program. The students enrolled at Anjali House live in a city and most of them don’t know how to grow vegetables and fruits. Learning gardening is a very useful knowledge for them in the future. We have organised training sessions provided by one of our partners and sponsors: Green Shoots Foundation. Young adults of Anjali House learned, for instance, how to set up a watering system and how to make organic fertiliser. The other objective of the garden project also supported by Forix Foundation is to increase our vegetable growth, with the end result being a sustainable food source.  “The garden at the end, should provide at least 50% of the vegetables and fruits needed for the daily meals. This would lead to a significant decrease in our food expenses in the long term,” reports Samrith Hoeng, Anjali House Young Adults Coordinator.

Read also a testimonial of Pheakdey,  17, one of our young gardeners.
“Every Sunday in the morning – from 7:30 to 4:00 pm – I always go to Anjali House and learn about how to grow vegetables. For the first lesson, the teacher taught us how to make organic fertilizer. It was my favourite lesson.
On the second day, our teacher divided us into 5 groups. (…) The teacher gave each group some long bean seeds. We dug the soil and we fertilized it. After lunch we went to the garden and put the seeds into the soil and soaked it with some water. The teacher told us we need to water the seeds every morning, afternoon and evening. One week later, we went to the garden and we were very happy to see our beans sprouting. (…)  I am very happy to be part of this project.” Pheakdey, 17 years old
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