<![CDATA[The Anjali Photo Workshops returned again this year and like the last 14 years was filled with chirpy reunions and activities organised by 8 professional photographers. These tutors volunteer their time in December every year as part of the Angkor Photo Festival to encourage creative expression of things that might be visible or invisible to the naked eye.

They learn to photograph, but more importantly they find new ways to look at the familiar, to engage and to express freely. Francoise Callier, the Coordinator of Anjali Workshops, looks at the last 14 years fondly and feels that the Anjali Workshops teaches the photographers as much as it has contributed to the development of the children. She is thankful to Antoine d’Agata, Pablo Patrizzi and Sohrab Hura who have nurtured the workshop from the beginning of time to it’s present form.  “2018 was an exceptional year for the children as their work  entered the archives of Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum along with exhibitions at South Caucasian Moving Museum of Photography, Suwon International Photo Festival in Korea, Mt. Rokko Festival in Japan and BRED Bank in Siem Reap Cambodia,” adds Francoise as she reflects on the change this workshop has been able to bring.
Thanks to the returning nature of the workshop, the tutors have been able to customize their approach every year and at the same time build on what the children learnt the previous years. Sohrab Hura, one of the former tutor of the Workshop, compares this process to flying a kite. “You release some and then hold on to some,” he says.

From left to right: Sean Lee, Sheila Zhao, Sophal Neak, Andrea Fernandes, Kim Hak, Anshika Varma, Francoise Callier, Dennese Victoria, Sopheak Vong

We are sharing five ways our children are learning to tell better stories from 5 photographers who volunteered their time for the Anjali Photo Workshops, 2019.

Hak Kim
Follow your instincts: Photograph what comes naturally to you, observe your surroundings closely and let your insides reflect in your photos.

Dennese Victoria
Take a step forward: Sometimes self-doubt will freeze you but photography is about channeling this doubt and taking the first step irrespective

Sophal Neak
Find your space: Find a place that allows you to think freely and to decide what you want to say

Sopheak Vong
Draw your photograph: Treat your photograph as a blank canvas that you can fill with anything you wish

Roun RY
Find a way: Sometimes telling a story involves crossing many hurdles, if you are resilient you will find a way

You can watch this video to find out how our children applied what they learnt during the workshop.

Thank You to Heritage Hub, Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) and Anantara Angkor Resort for supporting us.  Por Xeang-ពស៊ាង on vocals accompanied by Chally Jet on the saxophone made the projection night at the Wat Bo Pagoda even more special.

See you next year!]]>