<![CDATA[All our 6 to 8 year old students have participated in a workshop about personal hygiene. They learned why it is important to shower with soap and brush their teeth every day.  As part of the basic care program, these workshops help us ensure that our youngest students stay healthy and learn good habits for life.

Our social worker held a workshop with the youngest students about personal hygiene. Together with their two teachers, the children were educated how to brush their teeth properly and wash their hands with soap.
At Anjali House, personal hygiene is crucial. “We want our students to be healthy” says Anjali House director Simon Ke “It is important they understand how basic hygiene impacts their health and school life.”
As a part of the workshop, the students were shown videos in both Khmer and English about proper dental care and hand washing. In addition to hygiene, topics about nutrition were also discussed.
In practice, teachers every day follow a schedule when they take their students to brush teeth and take a shower. It is also a way to ensure that students at Anjali House follow the basic hygiene guidelines and keep diseases away.
Click on the link to learn more about the Basic Care program: https://anjalihouse.opte.io/project/basic-care/]]>