<![CDATA[During a ceremony in September, Anjali House provided bicycles and helmets to all the students who did not have one before. Fun but also educational, the event included a road safety workshop to raise awareness about the traffic rules, road signs and the importance of wearing a helmet.

The safety of our students is an important matter. This is why Anjali House provides bicycles for  the students to ensure their safety on their way  home as well as to help them be on time for classes.
During the ceremony, the students were educated about road safety, traffic, traffic lights and road signs. A large part of the training was about the importance of wearing a helmet. “Here in Cambodia, most of the children do not wear helmets when they ride a bicycle. In Siem Reap, it is particularly dangerous considering the traffic in the city and the lack of public lights at night. ” says Pheakdey, one of the tutor of the workshop.
After the presentation, the students’ knowledge was tested about the topics that were discussed. They were asked questions about road signs, traffic and proper use of a helmet.  To encourage everyone to participate, children were rewarded for giving the right answers.
The bicycles were sponsored by 99Bikes, our partner in Australia.  Many thanks for helping us keep our students safe.
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