Hello my name is Annie!
I joined Anjali House as a long term Volunteer in May 2016 to help develop and maintain a small garden area within the school grounds. The area was sadly neglected but full of life and so much potential. I made it my mission to create a lovely vegetable plot for the children and staff. Anjali cooks two basic nourishing meals a day for all 120 children and now the garden is beginning to supply us with nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Along the way much interest has been shown by students and staff alike which has led to the start of Garden Workshops for 3 classes every week. Each class is growing one vegetable from seed and has been educated about sustainability of crops and how to look after them. Their ages range from 6-14 years, and as well as educational it has to be fun!!! The lesson consists of explanation, cartoon video and garden work. Also creative artistic time painting murals on the walls where they have planted their veggies. We have Tomato, pumpkin and Khmer bean classes already up and running!!! Gardening is a delightful and fulfilling experience for old and young especially when the seeds grow by some miracle into food.