“There was an Earth
There was life
There was a plant
Green, small, good smell
Mixing together with lots of color
A lot of animals are near
We take care of them
In a small farm.”

Writing Through Workshop

These words by our young writers perfectly describes the last day of the week long ‘Writing Through’ workshop, a conceptual and critical thinking intervention designed and conducted by our board member Sue Guiney every year at Anjali House. “This is where the first Writing Through workshops were held, and our year always begins with a new workshop with these very special students,” adds Sue.
The children use the ‘magic pencil’ to improve fluency in English, both speaking and writing; to develop capacity for conceptual thought; and to enhance individual self-esteem and the belief that one’s thoughts and feelings have value and are worth expressing.

The sun and the wind gently pushed our children on as they recited some these magical poems in front of classmates, parents and teachers on a beautiful day in January, 2019.  The good weather, local sweets and Khmer music made the day even more memorable for everyone. The poems were inspired by the ‘natural world’ and took place in the backdrop of our garden whose upkeep instills a sense of responsibility and teamwork in our children. Sue was supported by Jess Blackledge, Assistant Director, Writing Through and Barbara Rittner, Facilitator to inspire the children to think and collaborate on ideas  relating to the ‘natural world’. Our programs are deeply rooted in giving back to the environment and with this intervention, they were able to beautifully curate & express stories from their time spent in community service.

These poems have been converted into a magazine which you can view here: 


We really hope that someday you all can can experience what we hope is a ‘better world’ for our children, we see them blossoming into beautiful individuals and this journey would not have been possible without your kindness. 


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