<![CDATA[In June, nine of our younger students visited Rehash Trash, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting underprivileged families while collecting and recycling plastic bags to save the environment. During their visit, our students learned how to turn old to new and learned a valuable lesson about recycling.
The students arrived in the morning and spent a couple of hours at Rehash Trash, following each step in the work process together with the employees. They got creative while also learning a lesson about sustainability and the importance of recycling. By collecting approximately 5000 plastic bags per week, the enterprise has a lot of materials to work with, which gets recycled into bracelets, purses, baskets and even dresses. Before starting the creative process however, the materials had to be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of germs and make for a prettier end product. By cutting the bags into stripes, they can be crocheted into many different shapes, turning old trash into something new. With a little help from the Rehash Trash employees, the students picked up the method quite fast. Each student started their own little project for the day, making a personal accessory they could take home afterwards. After an afternoon of busy crocheting, the students ended up with keychains, bracelets and a proud smile on their faces.

Educating our students about issues like sustainability in an engaging way helps them to develop a mindful attitude from a young age. By supporting our Education Program, you can help our students develop into healthy, well-adjusted young adults, equipped with the skills and support they need be successful in their future endeavours.
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