Photography has been an integral part of Anjali House from its inception, serving as a medium of expression for our students since the NGO’s establishment. Its enduring impact resonates not only locally but also globally.

Anjali House emerged as a project initiated by the Angkor Photo Association and Angkor Photography Festival Association in 2005. These organizations united to advocate for photography and shed light on humanitarian issues in Southeast Asia. Since then, Photography has significantly contributed to the evolution of Anjali House. Our students engage in week-long workshops equipped with cameras, guided in small groups to capture subjects of personal interest. These workshops have even inspired some students to consider photography as a potential career path, exemplified by professional photographer Roun Ry, who now volunteers at Anjali House.

Recently, a selection of our students’ photographs was showcased in an auction held at the local Non-Profit Cafe, Fat Panda’s, in support of Anjali House. The event, coupled with a delightful food and wine tasting, offered attendees an intimate view of Cambodia through our students’ lenses.

Through the Eyes of a ChildThrough the Eyes of a ChildThe photographs of the students also gained some international recognition this month with “Le Monde”, one of the most influential magazines in France, featuring photographs taken during the Angkor Photo Festival Workshops.
Through the Eyes of a Child


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