The Importance of Team Building
At Anjali House, our foremost aim is to provide our students with every opportunity to grow into responsible, successful adults, mirroring the dedication of their teachers. We prioritize fostering a chain of influence where leadership empowers the staff, who, in turn, become influential role models for the children. They not only teach various subjects but also impart crucial life skills and valuable lessons.We emphasize collaboration, communication, and mutual support among our teachers. Our goal is to encourage them to unite, leveraging their individual strengths and weaknesses for the betterment of the team and students alike. As teachers acknowledge and appreciate each other’s strengths, communication flourishes, leading to an exchange of ideas and insights that directly benefit the students.

In our commitment to ensuring our teachers deliver their best, we recently organized a workshop. Its purpose was to underline the significance of teamwork and to nurture skills that promote a collaborative environment, benefiting both the learning atmosphere and the individual growth of our students.

Team building
Reflections and Learning

The workshop unfolded on a splendid day, commencing with Kim, our enthusiastic Maths teacher, setting the context for the session’s purpose. “I aimed to create a positive and relaxed mindset to kick off the day,” he mentioned.

To start the morning session, Kim shared a story titled “Sharper the Saw,” sourced from the book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ The story revolves around a couple sawing a tree for firewood. Unbeknownst to them, their saw isn’t sharp enough. When advised to sharpen it, they dismiss the suggestion due to lack of time.

Thus, Kim explained, “There are valuable lessons here. The couple’s story reflects merely working hard without considering outcomes or outside advice. It underscores the importance of honing our skills as a team, enabling us to progress by learning from one another.”

An authentic and constructive human exchange holds immense power in fostering connections both with others and within oneself. The day was entirely devoted to exercises that revitalized each teacher, reconnected them with their emotions, and encouraged them to express themselves freely. These activities, like show and tell, facilitated trust-building among them and fostered a collaborative spirit for the organization’s greater benefit.