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At Anjali House, we do everything to make sure that our students have the chance to learn and grow into responsible and successful adults, just like their teachers. One of the aspects that we prioritise is trying to promote a chain of influence: the leaderships empowers the staff, and the staff serve as role models to the kids, teaching them different subjects and valuable life skills and lessons.
We want our teachers to team up, collaborate and better communicate with each other, so that they can use each other’s strengths and weaknesses in favour of the team and the students. When teachers start recognising each other’s strengths, communication improves, and student benefit from the sharing of ideas and insights among teachers.
Because we want to ensure that our teachers are giving out their best, last month we organised a workshop with the goal of teaching them the importance of teamwork, and how developing skills that promote team work is beneficial for the learning environment and the individual students.
The workshop took place on a beautiful day and began with Kim, the energetic Maths teacher, setting the context around the need for such an exchange. “I wanted them to relax and open their mind to be ready to start the day in a positive way”, he says.
He began the morning session with a story called “Sharper the Saw” that he read in a management book called ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. A husband and wife are sawing a tree to make wood fire. But their saw is not sharp enough and they are unaware about it. When an onlooker suggests them to sharpen the saw, they dismiss him by telling him that they do not have time for this exchange.
“There are many lessons to be learnt from this story”, elaborates Kim, “The couple is merely working hard without paying any heed to the outcome or other peoples suggestion. It is important to sharpen our team so that we can all move ahead by learning from each other.”
An human exchange that is honest and constructive is one of the most powerful ways to connect with others and oneself. The entire day was dedicated to exercises where each teacher felt energised, connected back to how they felt and were comfortable enough to voice these feelings. Through show and tell, these exercises helped them find ways to be more trusting of each other and find ways to work together for the greater good of the organization.