My name is Sokim. I am 18 years old, I am in grade 10 and a young adult at Anjali House. Actually, I don’t have enough experience about camping and I don’t know how to prepare myself for it, but for this second camping trip it seems like another lesson for me. Even if we weren’t prepared for the rain, luckily we had tents to protect us if not 100% from the weather. I really love to stay in the tent with my friends while it was raining, that felt so warm.
This camping showed me something that that I have never noticed, it is about being a leader. The teachers really cared about us, and they were really responsible for us. Even when there was a big rain, they still keep watching and walking around our tents, asking about our problems. Then they try to help and find solutions for us. Some of the teachers hadn’t slept, but they still tried to make us comfortable and have fun with us. That made me know that to be a leader is really hard. They have to keep us more important than themselves. That makes me so humble.
That place is awesome! It also lets one know why culture, nature, and forests are important and why we have to protect it. I also enjoyed working with some new friends and the people there too. It looks like it didn’t need much from us besides our kindness and our relationship with them. They are really friendly and kind. Sounds like everything is well done, but what I didn’t love is the food and sleeping with 4 people in a small tent. But I understand about this because we had many people. But for the food, I think we should have separated into small groups mixed with boys and girls to meet new people.

The Young Adult Program

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