<![CDATA[Roat Panha has been at Anjali House for many years, starting as a young kid, later joining the Young Adults Program. Back in the day he did not dare to dream big, but during his time at Anjali House he became a confident and ambitious young adult. Now he is exceeding in his IT studies at Build Bright University. Besides that he volunteers at Anjali House almost every day, sharing the knowledge from his studies. This is his story.
Panha has been at Anjali House for many years and his journey has been exceptional. When he was young he did not believe he could make it. He believed that he would one day become part of the local gangsters group. His development at Anjali House has shifted his mindset entirely. Panha joined the Anjali House Young Adults Program when he was 15 years old. Through perseverance and determination, he managed to become an IT student at the Build Bright University supported by the scholarship program at Anjali House. The shy young boy that entered the building many years ago, left as a confident, capable young man, ready to set out into a brighter future. But he did not leave for good. Panha is coming to Anjali House almost everyday to volunteer before he goes to University in the evening. He shares what he learns in his studies by providing computer classes to the younger students and also by organising some sports classes. Panha wants to encourage Anjali House’s students to take the same path he took and achieve their dreams. He is a true inspiration not only to other Anjali House’s students, but to all of us. Watch his testimony

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