Hello, I am Sokum, I am 21 years old and this is my story.

Sokum's Story

I joined Anjali House when I was 8 and I was part of Anjali till 2012. After I had left, I stayed at home for few months and I worked. I tried different jobs but nothing satisfied me. I went back to school because of the promise I made to my mother in return of a cell phone. She kept her promise and I kept mine.

A teacher suggested me that I should study in his school but I missed the deadline for admission. With the help of my mother who is a cook at Anjali House and the social worker, we looked for another school and that is how I joined Sala Baï, a hospitality school in Siem Reap, for 11 months. During my time there I studied professional hospitality techniques, English and general knowledge. This combined with internship experience at hotels prepared me with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

After passing out of Sala Bai I am happier and more confident about both my present and future. I am thankful to my mother for supporting me, caring for me and buying me the phone which inspired me to stick to my word like she did. My time at Anjali House also prepared me with educational and life skills which eventually helped me in finding a fulfilling life path.

Today, I work as in front office in a hotel.

Thank You Mother and Anjali House!


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