<![CDATA[From being expelled from her apartment to having a new shelter and her very own sewing machine: this is the story of Muth Sina, the mother of Karona and Lita, two students at Anjali House.

One of these sewing machines will change Muth Sina’s life enabling her to have additional income to support her family.

A couple of months ago Muth Sina was living in a small apartment with her two children – Karona and Lita – who are students here at Anjali House. She works as a cleaner and was able to earn some additional income working with her landlord’s sewing machine. She tried her best and worked hard despite her health problems but in the end she was not able to afford the rent anymore. Sina and her children were kicked out and had no place to live. Luckily another one of her former landlords offered her a little bit of land on his property where she could live. It was only a small piece of land without any shelter. Anjali House stepped in and negotiated with the landlord. Together we came to an agreement and were able to build a shelter for Sina, Karona and Lita on the property. This was a big relief for Sina and took a lot of pressure off the already troubled mother. But still, her job as a cleaner was barely enough to provide for her kids. That is why Anjali House organised to provide Sina with her very own sewing machine. She is now able to earn extra income and support her family. Anjali House believes that taking an active part in the family lives of our students is crucial for them to benefit from education and look forward to a brighter future.
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