Writing this blogpost marks the end of my internship with Anjali House. It’s difficult to sum up my four months in a few lines considering my stay in Cambodia has taught me more than I could imagine. For a few reasons untold, Cambodia has always been very close to my heart so it was easy for me to decide in favor of pursuing ‘Communications & fundraising’ at Anjali House.


I am so glad I became part of Anjali House’s team for a few months. This organisation is doing a great job at empowering young people and giving them the assistance they need to become the best version of themselves. As I prepare to leave, I want to thank everyone working at Anjali House for the opportunity I have been given. People are very friendly and supportive. It has been a great pleasure to work here.

I am lucky enough to have travelled to different countries and continents, but no other place compares to Cambodia. After having spent months in this country, I am still amazed at how resilient and proud these people are. 

I guess it’s very easy to get caught up in a moment and let stress and anxiety get the best of you. But there is so much to be grateful for too. You only have as many problems as it takes to appreciate the life you have been given. Volunteering is such a good way to get out of your own head and realise how much you can do for others. Suddenly, the focus shifts and everything you do benefits someone other than you.

If my experience in Cambodia has confirmed one thing, it’s that self implies others and giving is always the best way to receive. 

Thank You!

Salome Devillers from the Volunteer Desk, Anjali House
July, 2019

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