Have you ever asked yourself all these questions? How did the Earth begin?  Why is it turning? What is an eclipse? Why are there several seasons? How did life appear on Earth? Why the sky is blue? At Anjali House, our students will be able to get answers to their questions!



Anjali House is starting science classes thanks to our new long-term volunteer!  Ian is a PhD scientist who is teaching children in all the main branches of science – physical, life and earth sciences, as well as mathematics and logic.

Science is a combination of knowledge about a fact, field or object verified by experimental methods. There are three types of science:

  • exact sciences, including mathematics and “mathematical sciences” such as theoretical physics;
  • physico-chemical and experimental sciences such as natural and material sciences, biology, medicine;
  • the human sciences, which concern people, their history, their behaviour, language, social, psychological and political aspects.

The aim of this multi-year program is to inspire curiosity, to equip the children with the skills they need to investigate the world around them, and to help them solve problems in their future, whatever career path they may choose.

During the first classes, the children learned what science is, discovered chemistry by making slime and studied zoology. They also received their first certificate!

Flashback on these first courses.


“It is interesting but sometimes difficult”


We learned a lot about animals”


“I like it when we watch videos”


“The slime was so funny”


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