In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, fostering problem-solving skills and nurturing creativity has become more critical than ever. As we hurtle towards an uncertain future, it’s increasingly evident that traditional education systems, historically centered on literacy and numeracy, should place a greater emphasis on cultivating creativity in young minds. At Anjali House, we firmly believe that creativity deserves a central role in a child’s education, especially because students often have limited access to creative outlets within conventional schooling.

Why Creativity Matters in Education


The ubiquity of screens and the often prohibitive cost of creative supplies pose significant barriers to unlocking our students’ creative potential. Nevertheless, we are committed to nurturing creativity in children because we believe it is essential to their development and future success.

Engaging in a seemingly simple activity like designing a dream house sparks imagination. Imagination, in turn, fuels innovation, a critical skill for the future. It helps children envision possibilities beyond our current reality.


Similarly, creative activities boost confidence. Successfully creating something, whether it’s a drawing or a papercraft, strengthens the belief that “I can do something,” bolstering self-esteem and confidence.


Most importantly, creative activities can instill resilience. Encountering setbacks and making mistakes are integral parts of the creative process. Through these experiences, children learn that failure is a natural part of life and that, instead of feeling ashamed, they can harness their failures to propel themselves forward through learning and growth.

The role of creativity in our education


So, what exactly is creativity, and why is it so pivotal to Anjali House’s mission?


According to the Oxford Language definition, creativity is “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.” In essence, it involves viewing the world through a unique lens and fashioning something entirely novel from it. This is precisely what we strive to foster at Anjali House. Our goal is to encourage our students to cultivate their imaginations, explore various domains, and discover their individual talents and gifts. Our ultimate aim is to empower young minds to envision boundless possibilities for their future, education, and career paths.


The Power of Creative Expression


Moreover, creativity serves as a means of self-expression. When children are confined to a rigid regimen of silence and restraint day in and day out, it can lead to suppressed emotions and pent-up frustration. By integrating workshops and creative sessions into our school week, we provide an avenue for our students to shine in their own unique ways. Their artwork is as distinctive as they are, allowing them to communicate their inner thoughts and feelings.


Anjali House’s Commitment to Creativity


Born from our roots in the Angkor Photo Festival, creativity and the arts have always held significant roles in our curriculum. Our students engage in photography workshops and creative writing workshops with Writing Through.


Weekly, our students participate in a diverse array of workshop classes. These workshops encompass a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from dancing and painting to crafting animals from paper. These workshops consistently serve as the highlight of our students’ school experience, providing a space for uninhibited self-expression, free from the constraints and regulations often found in traditional classrooms.

The role of creativity in our education

Inspiring Creativity Every Day


In addition to these classes, the very walls of Anjali House itself champion creativity. Our facilities are adorned with paintings and photographs, showcasing the work of both accomplished artists and our own students. Our intent is to inspire our students daily, as we firmly believe that a blank wall can serve as an ideal canvas for their burgeoning creativity.


Sixteen Years of Impact


For the past sixteen years, arts and workshops have been integral to Anjali House’s mission. Every day, we witness the transformative impact of these creative outlets on our students, enhancing their skills, boosting their confidence, and enriching their overall learning experience.


Read more on this topic and join Anjali House in empowering young minds through creativity. Together, we can inspire the next generation of innovators and dreamers.