Not even a world pandemic could keep Elora away from her mission!

You probably already heard about our volunteer coordinator, Elora. Back in France she has her own business called Craft Plastic. She recycles plastic waste into valuable objects. She decided to take a break from her business to dedicate one year to others before completely committing to her own project. 

It has been almost 8 months since Elora started her civic service, even if she will keep volunteering a few more weeks with us, her mission ends at the end of July. She has shown incredible determination and drive, braving quarantine and COVID-19 to come to Siem Reap. She has been a huge asset for Anjali, brining creativity and a love of recycling and sustainability.  Before seeing her go, we wanted to ask about her experience among us.

Here what’s she has to say :

“My name is Elora and I have been volunteering at Anjali for almost 8 months as the volunteer coordinator. I arrived in Cambodia in December 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. I didn’t know what to expect and how everything would turn out in this strange situation. After my 14 days of quarantine, I finally discovered Siem Reap and Anjali House. I was welcomed in this local NGO run by amazing people, and after a few hours, I already felt surrounded by kindness. At this time schools were still closed and I had this time to adapt to this new experience.

As volunteer coordinator, my role was to search and interview potential volunteers. Due to the situation, my mission became more versatile as I started to work in the garden with the long-term volunteer Annie. When Anjali opened its gates for the students at the beginning of 2021 I helped to support the gardening classes as well as organizing some creative and recycling workshops. I enjoyed every moment with the students. 

Unfortunately, an outbreak of COVID in February led to another closure of Anjali’s gates. As the pandemic hit Cambodia, we experienced lockdown and curfew and our mission was to continue to support the community the best we could. I tried to help my colleagues with every need. Finally, I took a good part in the communications with the development manager, Nadi. 

Anjali’s lesson

I learned humility and support all the more in these difficult times. My experience was unique and enriching in numerous ways. Due to my different roles, I had a large point of view of how an NGO runs. I appreciate every moment and would like to thank all of the amazing people I’ve met. More than a professional experience, I learned a way of life. I will remember it and keep it close to my heart for my future. 

Even though my mission was different from what it was meant to be, as the world as we live is forever changed, I’m truly and deeply proud to have been a part of this incredible team. 

My mission ends at the end of July, but I will continue to volunteer at Anjali as much as I can to find my replacement. Anjali and Cambodia have been an upheaval and I decided to stay longer in the country to work with recycling projects. 

Thank you for everything !” 

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