At Anjali, we support women and girls to reach their goals. One way we do this is through hiring and training women staff. Our team includes six women who are dedicated to the education of our young students. Let’s meet them!



Anjali's heroinesSimon, our Executive Director at Anjali House, began her journey as a teacher across various schools while honing her skills in hospitality. However, upon joining Anjali, she discovered a profound passion for her work. “I fell in love with the impact I could make here. Building strong connections with both the children and their families, witnessing their increased confidence through our efforts – it was incredibly fulfilling.”

Transitioning from a teacher to a social worker within Anjali, Simon eventually assumed the role of Executive Director in 2015. “Initially uncertain, I received invaluable coaching and guidance from the board members. Now, I’m confident in my capacity to contribute effectively. My aim is to nurture Anjali’s growth, supporting our dedicated staff and volunteers.”

Over the years, Simon has actively contributed to our NGO’s evolution and programs, advocating fervently for women’s empowerment and striving for gender equality. Her dedication remains unwavering as she continues to drive positive change within Anjali House.



Anjali's heroinesSophany, our program manager, has worked at a variety of private schools and NGOs. She has previously served as Anjali’s head teacher and young adult coordinator. She is interested in metaphysics and one day hopes to open her own school.

She is committed to gender equality: “I hope and believe that women and girls everywhere deserve equal rights and acquire good fortune. They should be well protected. Anjali has worked with many partners in order to increase schoolgirls’ capacity and their mothers to drive change. ” 




Prak Pov

Anjali's heroinesOur cleaner, Prak Pov, has been a part of our family for eleven years. “Before I worked at Anjali, I was a seller. It was very hard for me to earn money and to manage my family. For this reason, I decided to stop being a seller and come to work at Anjali. At Anjali, I clean the classrooms, offices, and bathrooms. I also collect the rubbish and bring it outside. Anjali offered me a good job and really supports girls and women. They do their best to ensure gender equity and equality within the team or the children. I am very proud to work at Anjali.”





Anjali's heroinesThorn has been our cooker for eight years. She is now our new security guard. She is essential for Anjali as she is responsible to keep our students safe. “I thank Anjali for offering me a nice job and providing a university scholarship for my child. I’m proud to work at Anjali House. We help girls by giving them access to education and good jobs.”






Anjali's heroinesSophim is one of our newest staff members and she is still finishing her university degree. She is now studying Tourism and Hospitality Management at University of South East Asia, in year two. Before she came to Anjali, she graduated from PEPY Empowering Youth’s Learning Center as a scholarship student where she studied English, computer and youth empowerment. She is the librarian of our new community library. “Anjali is a good place for women’s empowerment. For instance, a lot of staff members are women, like Simon, our current director. I hope I will learn a lot from my coworkers and the children!”




Srey Neav

Anjali's heroinesSrey Neav is our new Kindergarten teacher. She is 19 years old and finishing her English degree at Pannasastra University. “I always wanted  to work in an NGO, and I dreamed of becoming an English teacher. I hope that with this experience I will provide the children with my knowledge and learn a lot from the workshops and the staff training. I applied to work here because I agreed with Anjali’s mission and vision. Anjali helps students achieve their goals and reach their dreams. When I applied to work at Anjali, I was excited because the director and program manager told me they want to give opportunities to every woman and girl to work when they have a strong commitment and want to improve their financial situation.”