The dynamic duo: Mart and Sigrid

We are two girls from Belgium who decided to travel to Cambodia to do voluntary work at Anjali House. We applied to give sport sessions at Anjali House because we studied Sports and Movement in Bruges. We are here for 4 months and support in the classroom, Sin an Anjali House teacher. Four days a week we give workshops to the children of this class.
Every Tuesday it’s sports day, during which, we provide all the classes of Anjali House sports activities.

On the importance of Sports

Movement and sports are two very important aspects for the development of a child. It’s good for their health, the growth of their body and the brain. Our brain works better while being active. So, instead of staying in the classroom we can integrate movement during the classes.
At Anjali House the children have 1 hour of sports each week, so we try to make the workshops more active. Because learning and movement are a perfect match. We try to teach the children all different kinds of activities during our workshops. For example, learning to read the clock by playing an active memory game, animals by acting out to each other, the colors by a running and tap game. During the sports sessions we give the children new things to do. We play other sports with the materials we have and do fun exercises before playing games.
Our goal is to teach the children new games and activities through exercises while having fun. We really like the school. It’s a warm place for the children, staff and volunteers!.

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