Celebrating Khmer New Year at Anjali House

New Year is one of the greatest celebrations in Khmer culture. Of course, Anjali House could not miss out on that, so we organised an entire day of fun activities. Immerse yourself in the jubilation and cultural richness of Khmer New Year celebrations at Anjali House, where joy, tradition, and a lot of fun converge to create cherished memories for all involved.

Preparations and Opening Ceremony

On Thursday, April 12th, Anjali House buzzes with excitement as children finalize their presentations and performances for Khmer New Year. The day kicks off at 7:00 AM with volunteers and teachers preparing for the festivities. An enchanting opening ceremony begins an hour later, featuring serene Buddhist chants and blessings by two revered monks, uniting students, volunteers, and teachers in a solemn circle.

a lot of for khmer new year

Teachers and Students having fun

Performances, Games, and a Special Meal

Fun-Filled Activities and Water-Fight Extravaganza The day continues with endless laughter and playfulness as students revel in singing, laughter, and joyous moments. The pinnacle arrives with an exhilarating water-fight setup. Rows of students and volunteers face a gleeful crowd armed with cups, buckets, and bottles, culminating in a delightful drenching, signifying the start of the final segment of festivities.

Dancing into Sunset As the sun descends over Anjali House, the celebration crescendos with collective dancing in a vast circle. Water splashes in the air, echoing laughter and happiness, painting an unforgettable picture against the setting sun—a fitting end to a day brimming with cultural revelry and immense fun for Khmer New Year.

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