<![CDATA[This photo story was created with the stunning images of professional photographer Alfred Domínguez Peña. It illustrates the necessity of the Anjali House Family Support Program, displaying the life of Man Phale and Seng Kong, parents of Anjali House students.

Our families at Anjali House are from the lowest income sector in the two communities in which we work. Many parents are under-employed or unable to work. Even with one working parent, there are normally many dependents including young children and older relatives. 

Our student’s families must not be left out

Anjali House’s main objective is to support its 120 students in breaking the cycle of poverty through access to quality education. However, in order to establish a wholesome beneficial environment for our students to learn and develop, Anjali House must not be the only place in their lives to offer the children security and joyfulness. Our students’ homes and their families are just as much part of the equation. That is why we believe our student’s families must not be left out in the process of change. In order to have a lasting impact on their entire development, it is therefore essential to include the parents of our students within our work by providing them with medical emergency grants, educational workshops and help them with employment search.
Man Phale and Seng Kong’s family is one of our 49 families we are supporting today. 
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With $20/month, you will provide counselling with our social worker to one family as well as medical assistance and parenting workshop.