<![CDATA[During the ten years that Anjali House has operated, one success story stands out as proof that with access to quality education, the right guidance and determination, anyone can achieve his or her goals. The story is about a former student, Roun, who has reached his dream of becoming a professional photographer.

Roun grew up in a rural part of Cambodia in a poor family. His parents are farmers and have 7 children. None of his siblings have graduated from school. In Roun’s hometown, the education level is quite low. The teachers are also farmers and instead of working at school, they need to work in the rice fields in order to afford a living.
Roun’s grandfather wanted him to have a better future, so Roun moved with his him to Siem Reap when he was thirteen years old. Both were living in a pagoda. Sadly, soon after they arrived, Roun’s grandfather died.  A “nanny” from the pagoda decided to take care of Roun and found Anjali House. This provided him with an opportunity to have a better education, and access to nutritious food and sanitation.  
For a few years while studying at Anjali House, Roun attended the yearly photography workshops organized by the Angkor Photo Festival. This is where he found his passion for photography and has never let it go. Last year, Roun had an opportunity to attend a professional photography workshop and develop his skills even further. Now, Roun is a professional tutor during the photography workshops at Anjali House and is working as a professional photographer in Siem Reap. “I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with the students at Anjali House who come from the same background as me. Anjali House is a place where dreams can come true. I am a living example” says Roun.
Watch the video about Roun’s story and his journey towards becoming a professional photographer and living his dream.
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