<![CDATA[The renovation of the kitchen is finally over! One of the reasons for this renovation is that we are very cautious about hygiene, especially when cooking meals for all of our students. We also bought brand new pots and utensils to replace used ones. This way, our cook Prom Thorn continues to work in a healthy and safe environment and has all she needs to cook nutritious and delicious meals.

Before and after the renovation work

The Kitchen is one of the most important parts at Anjali House as it the place where our cook Prom Thorn cooks her delicious and most importantly nutritious meals for our students. To make sure she can do that as well as possible, we recently started renovating our kitchen. Now that the renovation is complete, the room is opened up a little with an included serving hatch. This way the children do not longer have to come into the kitchen one by one and it is not only more hygienic but also quicker. Apart from that, we were able to provide our cook with a whole new set of brand new kitchen equipment to replace the old one. In the renovation process we also added some windows for more fresh air and natural light and therefore a more comfortable workspace for Prom Thorn. This renovation was very important to us to ensure that we keep serving nutritious and healthy meals to our students and to make sure our cook can operate in a comfortable and safe work environment.
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Two healthy and nutritious meals every day are a privilege not every child in Cambodia benefits from. With your help, Anjali House is able to tackle this issue directly. A donation of just 15$ a month can provide a child with food and clean drinking water as well as hygiene supplies for an entire year