<![CDATA[In September, we were lucky enough to welcome 24 students from Kilara High School, Australia to Anjali House. Kilara High School has worked alongside us for the past 2 years and have provided us with invaluable help on each trip. This time was no exception.
The aim:
To completely revamp our outdoor area.
1. Playground project
2. Sports Area project
3. Wall Murals
The time period:
1.5 days.
Now, anyone reading this may think that is a lot of work in such a short space of time, but KHS achieved incredible results due to their hard work and dedication to this cause.
The groups were led by Kosal, Vireak and Money who are members of the Young Adults programme, so both the KHS students and Anjali students worked in partnership to complete the projects. The students listened to the proposals for the three small projects and divided themselves into three groups of eight and got to work!They worked tirelessly throughout the day, to ensure that they could complete the projects in the time frame that they were with us.
The basketball court was swept totally clean and re painted so that the students can enjoy sports here. The plant pots were brought back to life with decorative patterns painted onto them and flowers planted. The play area was cleaned and re painted to brighten up our playground. The brick walls were transformed into beautiful environmental wall murals, featuring a waterfall and mountainous landscape.
Watch the video below to follow the before and after transformation.

On behalf of all the students, teachers and staff at Anjali we want to say a huge thank you. You have added even more colour to our beautiful house.
Siobhan Fray
Volunteer Coordinator