On Thursday, October 31st, we celebrated Halloween at Anjali House. We marked the day with costumes, decorations, scary masks, games, laughter, and, of course, some candy!

To kick off our Halloween party, the children participated in a mask contest. We had a small fashion show so that the judges could decide whose mask was the most scary or creative!

The children then split into teams for different games and challenges like:

  • Dressing each other up to look like mummies
  • Trying to pass handfuls of flour from one teammate to another
  • Challenging their teammates to a bag race
  • Identifying mystery items in a “scary box”
  • Showing off their acting skills in a mime game
  • Knocking down all the pins at water bottle bowling…more or less

When a team finished a challenge, they won a piece of a map that led them to hidden treasure filled with treats! The children not only had fun but learned to support each other and work together as a team. At the end of the competition, everyone looked for the hidden treasure – and we all enjoyed the candy together.

It was an amazing day of laughter, joy, and smiles (and tricks from our mischievous students)!

We’re grateful to Stella, one of our incredible donors, who made our celebration and all of this laughter possible – thank you so much! The day was also a success thanks to some of our exceptional young adults – Oudom, Sreylen, Siengly, Sokuam, and Chanpy – who planned and led the festivities, supported by two of our dedicated volunteers, Armelle and Romane. When our young adults are able to organize and execute events like this, they can practice and strengthen their organizational skills, leadership, teamwork, and creativity.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Anjali House!