<![CDATA[As a part of our family support program, social workers are responsible for the family assessments. The purpose of this activity is to understand our students’ families’ social situation and evaluate the support they need. Mom, our social worker explains the process and the challenges she faces.

The family assessments are at full swing at the moment at Anjali House. Mom, Anjali House’s social worker is meeting each family at their home. The topics discussed are usually about their financial problems, health, hygiene and any issues that their children might face. Children’s problems related to school and their behavior are also discussed with the families.
“It is important we keep a close link with the families of our students. Problems can arise at any time and meeting them on a regular basis enables us to assess their situations and explore what Anjali House can do to help them solve their issues.” explains Mom, social worker.
She adds, “Families are usually very cooperative as they know we come here to help and that we have their children’s best interest in mind. However, occasionally, we are confronted with resistance from the parents or the guardians. Most of the time, they are afraid to talk about their problems and be stigmatized. In that case, we continue explaining why we want to meet them and why it is important for their children’s well-being and education. It is about building trust and it takes time“.
Click on the link to learn more about our Family support program: https://anjalihouse.opte.io/project/family-support/]]>