<![CDATA[Last February, our students attended the 7th “Writing Through” workshop. These workshops allow the students to express themselves – in English – and build their confidence through creative writing in the form of short stories and poems.  The workshop’s topic was “Bridges”. 

Anjali House students reading their poems at the Open School Day in March 2017.

Sue Guiney, founding Director of Writing Through, writes “This year, I brought to them the theme of Bridges. These kids live in a city full of them, but they also come from incredible poverty, dysfunctional families and an ill-serving educational system, which means that thinking about other types of bridges other than the ones that cross rivers was completely new to them. […] I would only bring a theme as metaphorical as this one to Anjali House, though. Because I have been working with these students for several years, their writing and thinking skills are more advanced. I knew they could do it […]”.
After one week of preparing their creative writing pieces, our students bravely took to the stage to read them at our Open Shool Day on February 12 in front of fellow students, parents, faculties and supporters. They have inspired all of us!
Download the collection of short stories written by Anjali House students. Mag Writing Through_Anjali House_Feb 2017]]>