At Anjali House we encourage our students to think for themselves using their creativity and imagination rather than limiting them with patterns of how to think. Dreams are an essential part of growing up and at Anjali House, we strive to encourage our students to express what they dream about. Watch the video.

Learning, growing and expressing themselves independently is a vital step in every child’s development. Simon Ke, Director of Anjali House comments: “During 10 years of running educational activities, we observed that the children at Anjali House are motivated and enthusiastic about their education. In public education in Cambodia, children are used to reproducing what teachers tell them and are not pushed to think for themselves. At Anjali House the children learn how to think, not just to copy.” Following this principle, we wanted to give some of our students the opportunity to express themselves completely without confinements and just dream and be kids for a while.

With a group of 16 students, we took some time off to dream, without mistaking it for goals and other worldly parameters of success. The kids watched “Alice in Wonderland” and were asked what they dream about. They drew on paper whatever came to their mind and were free to express themselves freely.


Putting the students at the heart of their own learning is a key principle that outlines our educational programs. We do this by offering organic gardening activities that teach our students to work independently and grow their own vegetables, by running Workshops in Photography and Creative writing as well as many other artistic activities. We need your support to help us develop our students into healthy, well-adjusted young adults, equipped with the skills and support they need be successful in their future endeavors:

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