Last month we held a workshop on Intercultural Communication here at Anjali House. The aim was to exchange perspectives and learn from each other to improve internal communication and embrace diversity.

At Anjali House, we have many volunteers from different countries working besides the local Khmer staff. Together with the rich diversity that comes with all these different nationalities, there may also come misunderstandings. But in order to overcome these misunderstandings, they have to be understood. That is why Anjali House organised a workshop on intercultural Communication last month. We talked about cultural differences, especially between the Cambodian culture and the western cultures of our Volunteers and sensitised our staff towards more mutual understanding. Communication is always a matter of interpretation, which is why this workshop aimed to share experiences about different customs, values and beliefs. We lead open discussions, shared opinions and talked about “do’s” and “don’ts”. A lot of the miss-communication in the work field starts with a lack of knowledge or the hesitation to ask which is why we felt the need to address and tackle these issues by holding this workshop at Anjali House. After all, Communication is a key part in almost every working process and is therefore essential to a well-functioning working environment.