<![CDATA[Anjali House received 15 new computers and the new IT room is now operational. Our NGO wants to equip its students with strong computer skills and through new computer classes, has upgraded its educational program for all.

Our young adult students during their first IT class

Nowadays, computer skills are essentials in any professional careers. The Anjali House’ students come from underprivileged families and generally do not have access to a computer at home or at their public school. Their computer skills are limited. Thanks to the new IT educational program, every week, the students will have computer classes and will build sustainable computers skills.
Since their youngest age, Anjali House students will be introduced to computer terminology and how to use a keyboard and a mouse. The young adults will learn all the basic software such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint. 
Our students will also be able to access the computers when, for example they want to write their homework or create job or vocational training applications.
“As part of our educational program, creating these IT classes with a regular schedule and pedagogical program will equip our students with all the computer skills they need to be successful in their future professional life” explains Bun Thorng, Anjali House Head Teacher. 
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