Our Future Leaders Program focuses on volunteering and internships in addition to skillbuilding. We encourage our young adults to attend events and participate in projects that will improve their community. Because our students benefit from being part of Anjali, we want them to give back through community service. Keep reading to hear some of their thoughts on these projects!

In 2019, the young adults completed two community walks to collect litter. To further help them understand the importance of taking care of the environment, they did three tree planting events. Through these actions, they learned about nature, environmental issues, and how to take care of the place where they live. “When we were picking up the rubbish, we influenced people. We showed them that we care about our city and our environment,” said Vandy, one of the young adults who participated.  

In July, some of the young adults took part in a blood donation campaign in their schools. Vandy says that he learned a lot from this experience: “It improved my confidence and public speaking skills.” Sreylen, another young adult who volunteered for the blood donation campaign said “We also learned how to cooperate with each other.” The experience improved their leadership skills and was a way to demonstrate empathy and solidarity with sick people. 

To become the leaders of tomorrow, we encourage them to share their skills with younger children. In the past year, they taught garden classes to primary school children from both inside and outside Anjali. The young adults often helped lead Anjali events like Halloween, the Angkor Photo Festival’s Children’s Day, or our Christmas party. During these festivities, they ran games or led groups of children. These experiences taught them how to be a leader. 

Some young adults who are especially committed to giving back to their community volunteer during the week in our kindergarten classes. “By teaching in the kindergarten class we can learn how to communicate with the children. Through our classes I had a lot of fun with [them],” says Siengly about her experience. It is a good opportunity for them to acquire professional teaching skills. “We get regular feedback from the teachers,” Siengly added. “I have to learn how to be a teacher. We had to make lesson plans. It takes me time to do some research about it, and I had to learn about authority,” said Sokly, another student volunteer. “This experience was also a way to give back what I received in Anjali. As I am also a student, I understood the children in my class and I want to help them as much as I could,” Sokly concluded. 

Some of our older young adults and scholarship students have the opportunity to do hospitality internships that will prepare them for professional life and help them understand what they want to do in the future. For example, May Sokunthy benefited from this opportunity and is now the referee for the sport team at the hotel where he works. His experience helped him learn that he wants to work in tourism. He now studies in Phnom Penh on a scholarship sponsored by Anjali. We assist every young adult to find good internship and volunteer opportunities. 

Through all these professional and community service experiences, we hope that our young adults will be prepared to become leaders, have fulfilling careers, and give back to their communities.






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