<![CDATA[In July,  Anjali House staff received their first Child protection workshop led by the organization Friends International.  The purpose of the Child protection workshop was to have Anjali staff learn how to identify if a child or youth suffers from neglect, physical, sexual or mental abuse. The staff learned the resources available to them to help the child, youth, and family from engaging in dangerous behaviors.

Anjali House’s staff present their definition of physical abuse.

At Anjali House, we understand the importance of making sure our students are safe and are accessing the care they need to be successful adults. Anjali House is committed to providing our students with a safe and happy environment both at home and at school. Children and youth are at a higher risk of suffering from many forms of abuse.
The workshop led by Suzy Baudrez introduced the Child Safe Movement, an initiative which strives to protect children and youth from all forms of abuse. Anjali House staff defined the following terms; neglect, physical, sexual, and mental abuse. Staff identified the dangers and challenges that Anjali House children and youth face. According to Mom, Anjali House’s social worker,  “… the changes that Anjali House students face is that parents are focused on working and don’t think about (their) child’s safety.  As a result, the children are unsupervised a lot of the time.” Mom, together with Anjali House staff and the child’s or youth’s family work to solve the issue.
Following the completion of the workshop, four members of our staff took an exam to become a Child Safe Agent. Once the results of the exam are known, four members of our staff may become Child Safe Agents and would work closely with Friends International to protect not only the students at Anjali House but also children and youth throughout Siem Reap.  Anjali House is committed to protecting children and youth by engaging with their families and community. Anjali House will continue to work with organizations such as Friends International, and will continue to do staff training to provide services for children, youth, and their families.
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